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 When we create our individual sacred oasis that reconnects our soul with the Divine, we are extending a personal hand of friendship linking us with God, the Ascended Masters and the entire Host of heaven.  

Our Prayer Room

Our prayer room is as important to me as the air that I breathe for my survival. I believe that the air that I breathe is "the breath of God".

I believe that when we give generously, disregarding the personal costs, we receive numerous blessings in our life and in our divine gifting from our loving God, the Angelic Realms and from each other.

My prayer room is one way that I can remember you in a specific way before the Angelic Realm and ask the Christ Healing energies to be with you in a special and intimate way.

I do this each evening from 11pm - 1am (GMT), along with the therapists of the academy who are members of the Tau Tree of Life Interfaith Healing Community, and link up with my spiritual sisters and friends who are the Poor Clare Colettine enclosed Nuns at Ty Mam Duw in North Wales.  The Poor Clares around the world break their sleep each night to remember you and me.  They kneel in the presence of God praising selfless love for You and Me.  So why not join us and let us be one voice of selfless joy and love.

Please email us your name and prayer request and they will be brought before the Realms each and every night at 11pm during our prayers.

Note:  For personal reasons, I am unable to enter into individual correspondence with you because of the sheer volume of requests that I now receive on a daily basis.

Brother Sean established the Tau Interfaith Spiritual Community of Saint Francis uniting all likeminded souls form an 'Online' Prayer Community to pray for the unification of all religions and where Peace will prevail in our world. Please visit website at: www.taucommunity.com

Brother Sean is a professional prayer by reason of his role as a contemplative Interfaith Christian Franciscan Monk who believes in the power of prayers from the heart! Please visit his new website at: www.monasteryofsaintfrancis.com 


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