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Client Testimonials following a treatment:


Dear Sean, How good it was to see you and how blessed I was by your ministrations to me. I pray that your work will go from strength to strength and that many will find renewal and rebirth with your help and guidance. I value your prayers and feel surrounded and upheld by prayer - what a wonderful power it is. I was reminded of the words of a hymn after your visit.“ But His angels here are human, not the shimmering hallows above. And the drumbeats of His army -Are the heartbeats of our love.”  All my love  AF. Preston, Lancs. 

 I have used the Therapeutic Channelled energies on 2 Reiki Masters. Both found the treatment to be very powerful –both could feel God and the angelic realms at work. There was a flash of ‘white light’ as the Divine came upon them. I have to say that it was beautiful to be a part of it. Both ladies had positive responses and are coming back for further treatments. Bernie (TCCP). Mullingar. Co Westmeath. Ireland. 

Dear Sean, As promised a little ditty for our mutual appreciation society!  No seriously I didn’t know what to expect when I was on my way to you, all I knew is that I needed to come. I was welcomed so warmly and felt as though I had come home straight away. The food was heavenly the spiritual care and love shown to me divine. When you channelled the energies through me I felt blissful and peaceful but most of all really genuinely loved and blessed. A true gift thank you, you have touched my soul and I hope to return soon for a second helping of bliss. 
Wendy X Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Dear Sean, Thank you (and Ellie and Winston) for welcoming me so lovingly into your home yesterday. The session was certainly beneficial for me. I've been blessed with some astonishing and deeply healing experiences over the past year at the same time as trying to embrace the damaged child inside myself. I feel like I am being 'fast tracked' in my higher chakras, leaving the lower ones struggling to keep up! The painful lump in my solar plexus seems to have been there for aeons. I'm also having problems finding the right people to work with and assist me - I find a lot of the 'spiritual men'* I've come across recently are so "up their own third eyes" they find my approach incomprehensible and, hence, myself unacceptable. Anyway Sean, you took me yesterday to the place yesterday where God lives ... and allowed me to receive the reassurance I was seeking. I knew when I first read about you in Kindred Spirit that you are a man of true Divine Heart - which is the place from which I naturally operate. You gave me beautiful confirmation and affirmation of my Self and I thank God for you and your blessed work. I'm sure that much will emerge from the session over the next few days/weeks. For now, I am focussing on becoming a 'woman of prayer' as you advised me ... and a path I was enjoying until recently when one of the above-mentioned* belittled me for 'worshiping something outside myself'!! Lord save us from 'spiritual men'!!!) I will be in touch soon. Take Care of Your Self. Big Hug - Jude, Penrith, Cumbria.



If you are interested in any of the professional services provided by Therapeutic Pathways Consultancy - either on a personal or group basis - please contact Sean Bradley at:

Sean Bradley
Therapeutic Pathways Consultancy
Chapel Gap
United Kingdom

Email:  seansacademy@aol.com 

(UK) 0845-2261075

Tel:  +44 1524 762292 




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