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Everything listed here has been individually channelled by Jesus direct to Brother Sean in prayer. These CDs are not for sale on the High Street because each CD is uniquely blessed with the healing energies of the Master Jesus and safeguarded in Brother Sean's Chapel.

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Recordings by Luk Luk Productions for Brother Sean 

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The Angel Healing Meditation CD

This CD consists of two powerful healing meditations empowering the soul reconnect and reawaken the Divine within: 

. Meeting your Personal Guardian Angel.

. A Visualization of your angels blessing you with the healing oils, empowering you heal your inner child. This will enable you to love yourself and re-programme your Spirit’s DNA. The cover is the Archangel Metatron channelled from Alison Knox.  Music composed by Jeremy Parr. 


  • This CD touched and changed my life leaving me whole and safe and free of anxiety and stress free having lived with depression for 40 years and being miserable.  Joan Smethhurst (Canada)
  • When I am feeling alone or vulnerable I just hold the painting of this angel to my heart and soon all it normal again, thank you Sean. Simone (Paris)  
Cost: £14.99  
Heal yourself with the Christ Energy - CD

This powerful CD has two Tracks.

. About 2012 and the true meaning of Christ Consciousness’.

. A beautiful healing meditation connecting you with the Jesus embracing His Sacred Heart Chakra. This will empower you reconnect and release all negative mind sets and embrace spirituality not religion. The CD is Pure light and love. It is not conflicting, damning, evangelical, prideful or judging. Music composed by Jeremy Parr. 


  • I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful recording. It really empowered me to let go and love myself which I have not been able to do for 15 years. Jenny Dee (USA)
  Cost: £14.99  
Communicating with Angels - CD

This recording is a valuable tool in connecting with the Angelic Realms that surrounds us all in our everyday lives. Brother Sean explains in great detail about their revised Job Descriptions and Person Specs. The CD will share with you several basic tools to support you in that angelic connection empowering you to manifest your abundance as a child of Source. 


  • Thank you for making it so simple to follow and comprehend. Your voice was a joy as it really calmed my fear of asking angels for their help. Ursula Flannegan (Kerry, Ireland)
  Cost: £14.99  
Embracing Your Inner Essence - CD

The CD is suitable for anyone who does not connect with God or Angels and living in fear, stress or affected by severe depression! 

Brother Sean has used his life experiences in dealing and managing depression. Brother Sean's guidance based on his own experience with Bi Polar and the 'dark night of the soul,' will empower others to manage the dynamics of this selfish illness using three relaxing exercises and one healing meditation.


  • Managing the dynamics of my uncontrolled fears have changed thanks to this powerful recording. Pauline Tyrer (Prague)
  • The relaxation exercises with the meditation have zapped me Sean for the best, thank you. Jenny Riordan (Luxor)
  • I have used this CD with my clients in psychotherapy workshops as a Psychologist and the outcome s speak volumes Sean. Tyrone Cruze (Amersterdam)
  • If you have stress then go for this CD – it changed my life. Sue (New York)
  • An awesome voice you have Sean. Derrick (Leeds)
  Cost: £14.99  
Four Seasons Healing Meditation - CD

Here, Brother Sean takes you on a sacred journey by working with 4 of the named archangels of the 'Angel Bagua.' Archangels Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael have channelled a specific message for each season and deal specifically with relevant issues affecting all today. They are a gift from the Messengers of Source to our hearts to face fear head on with their love. I hope that you will enjoy listening to this different approach to relaxation


  • Not often does one find such a recording that really makes sense. Joanna Higgins (London)
  • It’s a tool 4 U today just listen to it and decide for yourself. Joseph Tascar (Barcelona)
  • Amazing how you brought the seasons with the archangels Sean. Trisha Arlington (Los Angeles)
  • Love the one for Michael as it shifted your favourite word. Tania (Alaska)
  • Just blooming marvellous Sean. Jean Stokes (Cambridge, UK)
  Cost: £14.99  
Heal Your Inner Wounded Child - CD

Brother Sean helps you acknowledge your inner struggles. Turn your back on self –denial and living in fear of the past. This CD will explain the steps to take to erase that wounded child within and value it as a beneficent teacher who needs love and blessing. 


  • Living with abuse for most of my adult life, just wanted to tell you Sean that this recording has released the negative mind set and now I can breathe again. Helen Sackario (Japan)
  • Just what the doctor ordered and more. Gill (Denmark)
  Cost: £14.99  
Heal Yourself with Angelic Love and Light - CD

Experience the powerful healing energies of Sananda Jesus touch your heart. This CD concludes with a Healing Meditation and Visualization of your personal Angel anointing your feet in the presence of the Archangels and Mother Mary. 


  • When I asked the realms for a tonic to get me going, then I found you, thank you my angel. Gerry Thomas (Cardiff )
  • Through this lovely CD I have found the meaning of inner peace since listening and receiving. Kyle Jonston (York, UK)
  • Sean your voice send me to sleep something I have not done for 45 years, bless you. Eileen. (Oldham, UK) 
  • I  fell into such a state of deep relaxation I slept for 2 days and now I am buzzing. Gloria (Dublin)
  Cost: £14.99  
The Angel Teaching Series - Double CD

These CDs are another sacred tool empowering like minded people rediscover Angelic Involvement in your daily life. An excellent series for Probationers interested in working with Angelic energy. The CD set consists of four recordings compiled on 2 CDs.  Approximately 2 hours. 


  • Come & Explore the Wonder of Angels this is what this CD is. Tony (Calcutta, India)
  • I am an avid collector of angel memorabilia but this is so to the point, thanks Sean. Bernie Ahearn (Galway) 
  • You covered everything in both CD’s and loved it. Carmel Jones (Anglesey, Nr Wales)
  • Terrific and just true. Bev (Liverpool)
  Cost: £19.99  
The Angel Healing Series (4 healing meditations) - Double CD

Powerful, energizing, relaxing and enormously beneficial for anyone seeking simplicity, and reconnection with Source/the Divine Feminine and the Angelic Realms. Ideal as a ‘self-healing tool’. 


  • There are CD’s that work and there’s cd’s that really change your life –I have found your voice did everything for me Sean. Cindy Wainright (Sheffield, UK)
  • As a Reiki Master for 0 years, I have never come across anything as powerful as this CD. Please keep me informed when you release more. Delores Graca (Madeira, Portugal) 
  Cost: £19.99  
'Create Your Own Sacred Angel Peace Garden'

Brother Sean was given a divine blueprint by the Archangels back in 1999 to self heal from a complete mental health breakdown. The Messengers of God would nightly waken him at 3am to write down their detailed messages that would empower him to self heal and overcome the impact of severe depression. Here, the Angels were guiding Brother Sean to work with their gifts as designers of the universe and by incorporating their simple sacred tool using their Bagua and Healing Trigram to design and create a sacred oasis that would glorify God through colour, energy planting, plant fragrances, etc. the soul would reawaken the Divine Mother within. Having trained as a sacred garden designer, Brother Sean soon realized that he was not the actual garden designer but the laborer working in partnership with the nine Archangels. Here, they would guide him to follow their detailed instructions that would not only empower Brother Sean but anyone interested in working as an eco warrior for God with Mother Earth and the angelic realms as a garden designer. The angel’s message to Brother Sean then was, 'KISS,' (Keep It Simple Server). Instead of working against nature and the elements allow the Four spheres of Angels (Natures Beings) guide your heart to create an Angel Peace Garden where they are the designers and you the laborer.

The CD comes with a detailed color version of the original Angel Bagua and clear simple instructions on how to design and create an Angel Peace Oasis for Divine Connection.


  • It was so simple and straightforward Sean. Seamus Burne (Derry)
  Cost: £19.99  


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