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Welcome to The Barefoot Angel Man's Products. They are all infused with Divine Love and Light representing the Lord Sananda Jesus, the  Divine Feminine (Mary Magdalene), Mother Mary and the Four Spheres of Angelic Beings.

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by Sean Bradley - The Barefoot Angel Man

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Sacred Inspirations Book

The Therapist’s own DIY sacred Tool to get back to one’s  oasis of being alone in the presence of the Divine.  A collection of Sean’s favourite Hymns & Canticles, sacred writings & poems written by our therapists and clients. There are 40 coloured pictures taken by Sean at Chapel Gap with several sunsets at Storth in Cumbria. 

Book Reviews

  • 'A resource for both private and collective spiritual gatherings. A valuable addition to any collection of sacred books'. Healing Today Europe

  • "An ideal tool for reflection & prayer that just makes it so easy to follow and digest." John Rawlings (Dubai)

  • "Prayer is something that I have had difficulty with for many a year that’s until I purchased this beautiful book. The many coloured pictures taken of your landscape and flowers were as inspirational as the well written verses and touching poems from your therapists. Bless you Sean x" Amanda Holden (South Africa)
  • "Terrific and yet so simplistic and good to have in an emergency when God appears gone." Josie (Cork).

ISBN 1-905200-42-0 Cost:  £14.99
  Sacred Tools Book

This is Sean’s 4th book in response to many requests from his student therapists and clients asking for guidelines and support in connecting with Source, the Divine One. Here Sean uses his life experiences as a nursing monk and qualified nurse in palliative care and supporting the dying for almost 38 years. The book explains how ordinary men and women who live busy lives can benefit from meditation and explains in great detail how the different aspects of prayer working with many different sacred tools such as crystals, water, candles, incense, relaxation among the many ideas discussed in the book can lead you to a place overcoming your inner demons- the enemy to our spiritual life. Sean concludes by providing a detailed A-Z of all the world religions and their beliefs, etc. 

Book Reviews

  • This book is an important inspirational acquisition in the whole area of prayer. The book offers a clear and concise understanding on Crystals, Bells, oils, incense, negative energies, psychic protection, spiritual healing, touch and meditation. Timothy Dyson (Denmark) 

  • Sacred Tools can challenge ‘the spiritual impoverishment affecting all of God’s people on our planet today, bringing light into an otherwise darkened World.  Abbot Alphonsus Thomas Cribbons (USA)

  • In our daily lives we need books written in simple terms such as this one. I can now understand how we can use Holism, Therapies and all tools that will assist us reconnect with the Divine within and through nature.  Jennifer Windsor (Cuba)

ISBN 1-905200-30-7 Cost:  £14.99
The Light Worker's Way 
In this beautiful book Sean brings alive the daily prayers of the Essenes and combines them with the teachings of Jesus, the Barefoot Galilean showing us how it can affect our lives. This prayer tool is recited each day by our students & Therapists and ideal for all Light Workers aiming to connect with Source via the Four Spheres of Angels. 

Book Reviews

  • Sean, thank you for bringing this invaluable tool into my life.  Sam Lovejoy
  • This small book is dynamite in the right hands as it really explains the importance of prayer each day. Terence Dunbevan (Manchester)
  • It is so easy to get caught up in emotionalism and this Prayer tool is what I have been searching for.  Joanna Thirsk (Alabama, USA)  
  • The cover says it all, bless your soul Sean.  Gina O’Toole (Belfast)
ISBN 1-905200-32-3 Cost:  £9.99
Therapeutic Channelling

The book is about embracing unconditional love - Harmony - Balance - True Connection with all that you are as a co creator of the Divine/Source. This beautiful therapy is not ‘New Age’ as it has its roots in the ancient therapy taught by the Therapeutae/Nazarene Essenes, an ancient brotherhood who lived for several centuries and several of its well known teachers were John the Baptist, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Therapeutic Channelling –the course that Sean teaches around the world are  underpinned by the Teachings and Philosophies of the Essenes. Sean teaches his students & therapists that to do this work, we have to be invited by Jesus and Mary Magdalene to ‘Come and See’. The book provides positive feedback from our students and clients regarding this awesome, reverent, selfless therapy using the sacred oils to anoint the feet and hands of our clients as taught by our spiritual teacher and role model Mary Magdalene. 

Book Reviews

  • Well worth every word for those embarking on this type of course as part of career into holistic therapies. Krispen Jones (Nr Wales)
ISBN 1-905200-16-1 Cost:  £14.99
Let Your Light Shine for 2012

This is Sean’s 3rd book of explaining the link with Jesus and Mary Magdalene who plays an important role in our future as well as being part of the Divine Feminine. Sean’s account hopefully will  demystify the 'mysteries' surrounding 2012 and through reflecting on an ancient civilisation's calendar of the Mayans that ends on 21.12.2012. We can begin to understand the hidden meanings surrounding the end of the Piscean Age (Jesus) and our entry into the new Dawn of Aquarius (Christ Consciousness/5th dimensional healing energy. There is a section dedicated to Mary Magdalene, author of the Fourth Gospel and here seen as the Bride of Christ who too paid the ultimate price for her love of Christ. Sean draws on ancient texts associating Jesus and Mary with Isis and Oziris. Sean has stood out from the crowd and written a book based on facts and here speaks his truth unlike the Da Vinci Code – a book of fiction. 

Book Reviews

  • Wow, what a book, it’s a real eye opener for the uneducated.  Moire Linsella (Dublin)
ISBN 1-905200-31-5 Cost:  £14.99
Angelic Energies

This is Sean’s first book and is a heart response about recognising that as a child of God we can access the Creator through the everyday activities and simplicity of just being ordinary. The book explains the different groups of angels and their support roles, empowering us work with them and how we can engage with them. Sean provides a summary of his life’s experiences and how through mental illness he came to meet an Angel disguised as a red robin that was to set him on the road as the Barefoot Angel Man. The realms gave Sean a Divine Blueprint, the Angel (Feng Shui) Bagua to share with others who too believe in the Messengers of Love and Light.

Book Reviews

  • I just loved reading this light hearted account of Sean’s experiences and have found that it is a book that you can pick up where you left off. It is so simple and full of honesty and truth. I loved reading about the Angels and the Zodiac.  Mrs Matalan (UK)
ISBN 1-4137-4697-7 Cost:  £14.99

Creating An Oasis for Angelic Healing Energies

Sean was guided by the Four Spheres of Angelic Beings to write down the channelled messages that were to form the Divine Blue Print – the Angel Bagua and Healing Trigram. The angels empowered Sean come through his ‘dark night of the soul experience’ and write this beautiful book. Here he shares with you the angelic channelled messages that will help you create something beautiful for God. The book is an ideal starting point for anyone who is interested in creating a practical and eco friendly sustainable sacred garden. The book incorporates the sacred colours representing the nine Archangels that create balance and harmony for you as well as for the landscape. It provides a simple easy method instructing you to permit the Angels to be your garden designers empowering you engage with your Heart Centre. The book provides detailed information on sacred plants and their meanings as well as ideas on creating your very own  ‘Angel Peace Garden’ using the Angel Bagua to connect with your God/dess. 

Book Reviews

  • Every page is an inspiration for ordinary men and women to reconnect with the realms and do something simple and yet awesome for God.  Delores Vencastoni (Italy)
ISBN 1-905200-29-3 Cost: £14.99  


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