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Each Article was channelled from the Master Jesus to Brother Sean's heart in prayer. They are infused with the Master's energy and truth and written as given to Brother Sean. 

by Sean Bradley

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Document Name Type of Document Price Download now!
4 Seasons (37 Pages) Meditations £3.00
The Science of Prayer (3 Pages) Article by Sean £1.00
Angelic Energies in Divine Healing (114 Pages) Study of Angels £3.00
Angels and Chakras Information Fact Sheet £1.00
Angels and Chakras in the Peace Garden Information Fact Sheet £1.00
About 2012 A therapist's view point £1.00
Embracing Christ Consciousness through the Heart Chakra (4 Pages) Article by Sean £1.00
Christ Consciousness and 2012 (25 Pages) Article by Sean £3.00
Prepare for the influx of Divine Healing Light Article by Sean £1.50
The Tree of Life - The Essenes Article by Sean £1.00
The Essenes Communions revisited (18 Pages) In-depth article by Sean £2.50
Who were the Essenes? (1 Page) An article about the Essenes by a therapist £1.00
Sacred Tools for Connecting with the Divine (97 Pages) An in-depth study on the tools we use to reconnect with Source £5.00
Therapeutic Channelling working with the Christ/Angelic Energies as a therapy (18 Pages) A study by Sean on the benefits of this powerful, yet ancient therapy £2.75
About Therapeutic Touch in one's life (18 Pages) An article taken from Sean's book 'Angelic Energies' on his clues and memories of touch £2.00
The Name Archangel Princes of the Angel Bagua (16 Pages) An in-depth article by Sean on the Archangels and their messages for us when we create a sacred space to reconnect with their energies £3.00
The Angel Bagua (2 Pages) An article with feedback from our therapists on the benefits of using the Angel Bagua £1.00
Spiritual Pathways (104 Pages) An in-depth article with reference and guidelines for Therapists making a spiritual retreat with a series of practical meditations £3.00
Therapeutic Channelling by Sean Bradley (240 Pages) The whole book for Therapists seeking an understanding of this ancient therapy. £3.00
Let Your Light Shine for 2012 by Sean Bradley (203 Pages) The whole book with reference to 2012, Mary Magdalene, Christ, the Mayans and future prophecies.  Move over Dan Brown! £5.00
Sacred Tools by Sean Bradley (190 Pages) A powerful reference book/tool for light workers. £5.00
Creating an Oasis for Angelic Healing Energies by Sean Bradley (150 Pages) A beautiful book empowering light workers create an oasis through eco friendly ideas using the Angel Bagua. £3.00
The Light Worker's Way - a daily prayer tool for 7 days by Sean Bradley (80 Pages) A compilation of sacred writings of the Essenes and Gospels empowering light workers and all soul seekers to reconnect with Source via the angels. £2.50
Sacred Inspirations by Sean Bradley (116 Pages) A beautiful book with channelled poems from our Therapists with sacred messages and inspirational verses to lift the weary soul in periods of darkness. £3.00
Angels Here I am (359 Pages) Sean's unedited life story of how angels intervened in his mental breakdown to Breakthrough £3.00
I Am With You by Sean Bradley (101 Pages) Behold the presence of selfless divine.  Another book from Sean to inspire you to be still and to love. £3.00



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by Brother Sean

All online purchases use Pay Pal - a secure server. The products will be sent to you by E Mail once the purchase details have been verified. 

Series Number Name of Meditation/Relaxation exercise Price Download now!
1 Releasing the Inner Child to Love £1.00
2 Healing the Inner Child exercise £1.00
3 2 Relaxing meditations:
a) Visualisation for an anxious woman
b) The power of colour when self healing
4 A Paradise lost, now found by all mankind - A powerful relaxing meditation connecting with Nature £1.00
5 2 Relaxing meditations to relax and unwind
a) An exercise on how to shrink stress
b) How to erase stress from your life
6 The Protective Bubble - A relaxing meditation/exercise £2.00
7 A powerful meditation connecting you with the Universal healing energies by using your Crown/Heart and Root Chakras empowering you to receive Divine Love and Light and release the same out to the Universe £1.00
8 A practical daily meditation on How to Tune into the Angelic Energies £2.00
9 Working with the Archangel Michael - a meditation £1.00
10 Working with the Archangel Gabriel - a meditation £1.00
11 Working with the Archangel Uriel £1.00
12 Working with the Archangel Raphael £1.00
13 A healing meditation empowering you to reconnect with your Personal Guardian Angel £1.00
14 Connecting with the Divine Sacred Heart Chakra of Christ, our Teacher - A healing meditation £1.00
15 A guided healing meditation of the visualisation of Therapeutic Touch from the Archangels and healing angels. £1.00


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