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Empowering Mankind Embrace the Natural World-the Franciscan Soul through simplicity, harmony, compassion, integrity and a respect for all of God's creation 



Brother Sean's Academy

Inspired by God's vision to 'Empowering Therapists Embrace the Divine Feminine Energies of Magdalene thus Reclaiming their Personal Power at soul level.'

Brother Sean's Academy of Therapeutic Channelling for Practitioners was formed on the 29th September, 2001 on the Feast of the Archangel Princes (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel)when Sean was given the Divine Blueprint-The Angel (Feng Shui) Healing Bagua and Trigram to use in healing oneself before healing others.  

We began training therapists in Ireland in Spring 2002 and in the UK in Summer 2002 and continue to receive those whom Source personally invites to come and receive......

Our Core Values represent no affiliation with any known religion nor do we advocate or promote any one faith at the expense of another. Our ethos and Mission Statement as a non profit making organisation is influenced by 'Spirituality' - a way of life established and promoted by the ancient teachings of the Nazarene Essenes and the Johnannine Community of Mount Carmel. Their allegiance was to God / Source through living a simple life as a spiritual healing community. 

Jesus, the Ascended Master, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary to name a few, were all Nazarene Essenes not Christians. The word Christian came after the death of Jesus when Saint Peter changed the name from Nazarene to Christian-follower of Christ. the Therapists of the SBA represent all faith communities living as one spiritual family of light workers in service to Sananda Jesus, the Nazarene Essene. 

In our lifetime, the Messengers of Source are daily reuniting all light workers who lived and worked with the Master Sananda Jesus, the Nazarene Healer. His invitation to 'Come Follow Him' is more about living a communal life where all faiths and none can come together and share in that 'One Love, the love of 'THE I AM PRESENCE' with all who are now searching for Divine Love in their lives today.


The ‘Wounded Healer’ is the one who is ideally placed by the Divine Feminine to touch others. But the wounded healer needs boundaries in the Client /Therapist Relationship –to ignore these is to violate all that is sacred as taught by the Master Jesus and the Angelic realms representing Love and Light! 

Centuries ago, the Essenes, living in the Middle East were given a set of divine rules that would help them to walk the path of faith and experience the bountiful blessing from their God. 

Our sacred lineage connecting the Academy with the Nazarene Essenes is directly linked with the Johannine Group of Nazarene Essenes established by Saint John, Mary Magdalene and Sananda Jesus. Their first community was linked to Mount Carmel where the original orders of nursing monks were established. Sean’s direct lineage with Mt. Carmel is through the Order of Nursing Monks (The Alexian’s) a 14th century monastic nursing order. The group established by St. John represents Love whereas the group promoted by St. Peter remains rooted to the Catholic Church as it is today representing celibacy, fear, guilt and control. You can read a more in depth article by Sean by clicking on Essenes on Sean Bradley Pages

Today, you and me are invited to embrace the divine essence of God in Jesus Christ. Jesus invites us to embrace the Christ consciousness in love. If we are willing to walk this spiritual path with Jesus Christ then we believe and accept that it will lead us to our God. In our acceptance we embrace the Christ consciousness as a new way of life. Living in the Christ Consciousness we are invited to adopt specific core values that will empower us to self heal and reclaim our dignity as sons and daughters of God. Love represents loving God in yourself; your neighbour and everything or anything that lives, moves and has their being from God. The Light represents the presence of the divine in all – in you and me –the landscapes –the elements – the animal kingdom – the seasons. Love and Light unites the God in us –in you and in me. Love and Light is Christ Consciousness.

Courses in Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine incorporating Therapeutic Channelling (TCCP) for Practitioners

There are 3 routes that students can access our certificated courses. They are:

  • By accessing one of our accredited teachers -see website

  • By contacting Brother Sean direct for a personalized tutorial.

  • By choosing to take our courses by Distant Learning

Please feel free to contact Sean direct at seansacademy@aol.com for an informal discussion re: the best training route for you. 

In the presence of this absolute, unconditional healing love and light of Sananda (Jesus) and The Divine Feminine and Mother Mary,  we are empowered to take back our control and personal power, thus speak our truth from a place of love.

Therapeutic Channelling is an ancient therapy that was given to Mary Magdalene by the Egyptian 'Therapeutae' Essenes when she was a High Priestess of Isis in Egypt. Mary Magdalene has guided Sean both as a nursing monk and as a nurse in palliative care for the past 38 years to impart her energies. The combined energies of Sananda Jesus and Magdalene together with her healing oils of Spikenard and touch to anoint the feet and hands of clients actually re-programmes the Soul's DNA empowering the student therapist /Light Worker to 'Self Heal' and take back their personal power as a co creator of Source in service to Sananda Jesus, the Divine Feminine and the Angelic Realms of Love.

Our courses are now individually tailored made for each student. Instead of running the courses in Therapeutic Channelling for larger groups away from Storth, our healing centre, we have now been guided in meditation by Sananda Jesus and Mother Mary to invite all students interested in accessing our courses here and embrace the healing vortex of pure love opened by them.   

The courses that we now offer to our students in Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine incorporating the ancient teachings and healing therapy of Therapeutic Channelling are:

The above courses are available as a '1 to 1' from Sean or by the Open Learning Method either online or by correspondence.  

The certificate and Diploma courses have a residential component attached whereby the student is invited to spend a short time with Sean access a personalised ‘1 to 1’ teaching session before receiving g their final attunement. The student therapist’s Graduation takes place in the presence of our Therapists –all members of the Tau Community – an interfaith spiritual family of like minded souls who have established this network of support for each other.

Our Therapists and students are invited to care for each other by remaining in a support group during their training and post qualification for their personal spiritual development as light workers. 

All our Probationers are supported through regular Mentorship with ongoing support from their tutors.

Our qualified Therapists and Teachers are fully insured and on their Graduation Day are given a personal ID, Certificate to Practice. All our members/ Therapists are bound by a strict Code of Conduct.    

Who is the ‘Wounded Healer’?  

In order to heal self, we need a clearer understanding of how the Goddess energies can empower the Light Worker achieve self healing. Many people have become therapists do so, because they genuinely want to help others; many come to train as therapists of the Academy because they have worked through healing themselves and feel they are in a position to help others. However, when we begin to help others, the healing of others naturally brings up unfinished business within ourselves. Unless we are fully aware of this, we can end up projecting our problems onto the already traumatized client /patient, sometimes in a very subtle way.

What has this to do with healers? Well, I believe that any agendas lying unanswered within a person may surface when treating a patient/client. I would say that all healers first and foremost duty is to their clients /patients, and to act with the utmost humility, compassion and ethics, understanding that their skills do not come from themselves, but from God. Then they have a duty to themselves to keep body and mind as pure as possible through right nutrition, right thoughts and right actions.

Maybe it seems a tall order, but when many lives are at stake, it is a necessary order. The world needs powerful healers who are in control of themselves and know who they are. Are YOU working from a safe place right now? If not, then maybe we can help each other to grow…


  • A firm undertaking from us that we aim to provide you with high quality training that is heart centred, empowering you reconnect with the 'I AM PRESENCE.'  

  • An assurance that we will support you at every level of your probationary period of  learning whilst in training. Each course is a unique experience for our students -see testimonials...

  • A Named Mentor to walk alongside you providing you with ‘1 to 1’ support if necessary.

  • A choice of courses that have been tailored made to suit your busy life style incorporating our Online and Correspondence Modalities from the comforts of your own home.

  • Our Therapists are all fully insured and comply with our Code of Ethics as well as remaining committed to in service training on a regular basis.

  • On the yearly anniversary of their Graduation, all our Therapist and Teachers are invited to make a 2 day spiritual retreat thus empowering each one to remain a 'people of prayer,' and spiritually alive, focussed, grounded, protected and attuned to the energies of Love and Light.  

(Rev). Brother Sean TCOSF

Founder and Spiritual Director of the Tau Interfaith Franciscans Community of St. Francis.  




Essenic Energy Medicine is delivered through Therapeutic Channelling  and is now perceived as not only an ancient Communion representing Love and Light but is a Soul Therapy that releases the heart to embrace God


Therapeutic Channelling was used by the Therapeutae (Egyptian) ESSENES- up to 8000yrs ago, using information given to them by Moses, which only came to light when the Dead Sea Scrolls were translated in the 1940's!!

This Life- Changing Course will boost to your Immune System, and other factors contained in this HOLISTIC COURSE- the benefits to yourself and others can be immeasurable! The ONLY side effect is that you  have the power to look and feel the best you possibly can.

"Working in Partnership with the sacred healing Energies of Sananda (Jesus), the Divine Feminine, Mother Mary, the Archangel Princes, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Metatron and the Angelic Realms together with the energies of Mary Magdalene, underpinned by the teachings and philosophies of the Nazarene Essenes to Heal, Restore & Balance Lost-Energy"

We are all 'Light Workers - Healers and Channellers of God and for Source.'

Our Therapists are now perceived as the new 'Illuminaries' or new disciples that represent the 'beating heart of God' working as the hands and feet of Christ in a modern world -empowering all to embrace Christ Consciousness in preparation for 2102.

Therapeutic Channelling is a sacred therapy that precedes all modern day therapies as it dates back to when the Creator created man and woman in the 'divine likeness of God'. Our spirituality is greatly influenced by the Nazarene Essenes' Way of Life.  

Therapeutic Channelling is more about Intuition and connecting with the Heart Centre!

Your Heart Centre is the Christ Consciousness of God in YOU!

Our Courses in 'Therapeutic Channelling' - working with the Sananda Jesus, Magdalene and Angelic Energies are greatly influenced and inspired by the Nazarene Essenes handed directly down to us today. Please read more about the sacred lineage connecting our Therapists with Saint Anna, St. John, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. 

Positive Feedback to the courses are indeed encouraging despite some criticism  from light workers who primarily work from the Crown Chakra and not from their Heart Chakra / Heart Centre. 'This course has the ability to 'touch lives'! It is now perceived by those who have already taken this course as a 'self healing tool' in God's toolbox that initiates the healing process, giving the carer /light worker a 'whole new lease of life'. This course is unique and is ideally suited for any Light Worker who because of their 'inner core issue/s', or a 'negative mind-set' have somehow been prevented from caring for themselves . As professional light workers we have a 'Duty to care for ourselves' and take the word of Christ as our own, 'Physician heal thy self'.  This course offers you the 'Safe Haven' and the opportunities to release inner trauma, empowering you to reclaim your divinity as a child of Source. The course is intensive and restorative through the weekly / monthly '1 to 1' telephone / practical counselling support from Sean and the team during the entire 6 months course.touch lives'! It is now perceived by those who have already taken this course as a 'self healing tool' in God's toolbox that initiates the healing process, giving the carer /light worker a 'whole new lease of life'. This course is unique and is ideally suited for any Light Worker who because of their 'inner core issue/s', or a 'negative mind-set' have somehow been prevented from caring for themselves . As professional light workers we have a 'Duty to care for ourselves' and take the word of Christ as our own, 'Physician heal thy self'.  This course offers you the 'Safe Haven' and the opportunities to release inner trauma, empowering you to reclaim your divinity as a child of Source. The course is intensive and restorative through the weekly / monthly '1 to 1' telephone / practical counselling support from Sean and the team during the entire 6 months course.

The Light Worker who works from their 'Crown Chakra/ Heart Centre' often experience a 'real challenge' that unfortunately results in leaving the course within weeks of completing the first part. The 'core values' of the course, empowers you to embrace the simplicity and hand's on approach thus complimenting your life's experiences, empowering you embrace the Christ /Angelic healing energies and fulfil your Sacred Contract to Source.   

Therapeutic Channelling has its roots in the ancient teachings of the Essenes dating back to 3000 years BC and the first century of the Christian era at the dead Sea in Palestine and at Lake Mareotis in Egypt. In Palestine and Syria the members of the brotherhood were known as Essenes and in Egypt as Therapeutae, or healers. They sent out healers, teachers and therapists from the brotherhoods, amongst them were Elijah, John the Baptist, John the Beloved and the great Essene Master, Jesus.

 The origin of the brotherhood is said to be unknown, and the derivation of the name is uncertain. Some believes it comes from Enoch, and claim him to be there founder, their Communion with the angelic world having first been given to him. It is now believed that Jesus was the prophet Enoch in a previous Incarnation. Enoch walked with God; and he was not; for God took him. (Genesis 5:24) It is also believed that Enoch was the Archangel Metatron.  

Throughout history mankind has practised some form or another of 'therapeutic touch'. In ancient Roman and Egyptian cultures as well as certain religious traditions, great emphasis was placed on welcoming one’s fellow guests by washing their feet. In the Jewish and Christian traditions there are many recorded examples in the Old Testament of the Prophets initiating the sacred traditions of washing and anointing another’s feet. 

Therapeutic Channelling touches our very souls when the Divine God/dess transfers spiritual healing from Spirit through Spirit in Spirit for Spirit with Spirit to Spirit. The divine healing energy is administered to us through the gift of 'Therapeutic Touch'. We are empowered to reclaim our 'First Love' and 'Our Lost Child Within', working in 'Partnership with the Angelic realms'.

I believe that the Creator God/dess touches us indirectly and directly. I also believe that when the Creator created the 4 Spheres of Angelic Servers it seemed right that they would also be used to 'channel' the Creator’s divine healing love & the 'Christ energies' to you and me.

When we experience Therapeutic Touch, we experience the presence of our God/dess in our lives at a deeper and richer level than ever before. In our ‘spiritual poverty’ our divinity becomes enriched.

Reclaim the lost child within

Therapeutic Channelling involves working with the ‘Angelic Realms’ through the healing properties of ‘therapeutic touch’ empowering us to reclaim the lost child within our being and experience for the very first time the presence of our ‘First Love.’ This first love is God’s unconditional, selfless, respectful and reverent  healing love for you and me. It is our free gift from our God/dess  by divine birthright.

When we open our lives to this sacred energy we become infused with divine love that transforms our human weakness. The angels who are present before we begin the treatment empower the therapist to work in partnership with them in the recycling of our negative energies into a positive healing energy. In turn, there is a positive cumulative desired effect that re-energises our soul and our spirit, enhancing our awakening to the divine in and around our sacred space.

Therapeutic Touch is about connecting to another’s life force spirit working with the Archangel Metatron, Source Angel & the ‘Christ Energies,’ through the sacred symbols of oils, gentle massage and touch.

When we invite the angelic realms to join us in the therapy we receive ethereal energy that encapsulates all negative energies restoring balance and ‘chi’ energy. Lives are completely restored on a physical, spiritual and mental level. The results are indeed overwhelming. In our humanity, we underestimate the power of therapeutic touch in our daily lives. 

Seeing is believing

A modern phrase 'seeing is believing', does challenge each one of us to take the penultimate step or leap of faith to experience the inner sacredness and divine healing properties that are associated with Therapeutic Channelling. One does not have to be a Christian or a believer to receive therapeutic channelling! All that is asked of us is that we humbly, sincerely and reverently respect the energies imparted to our being.

The Academy has introduced several courses in Therapeutic Channelling from beginner’s to Master’s level. These courses will empower you to work in Partnership with the Creator God/dess, the Divine Feminine, The Christ energies and with the 4 Spheres of Angels as a certified Channeller. 

Therapeutic Touch is a skill that we all have. I believe it is like anything else -the more we practice it -the better it becomes. 

What our Students have to say about their experiences

I would just like to add how I have felt since starting the Therapeutic Channelling Practitioner Course a few weeks ago, I’m not sure why I just feel it might be relevant to people who read this. After the initial attunement to the course I remember the days that followed were for me filled with peace, what I initially noticed was that colours seemed brighter, the grass was greener, the sky was more blue than normal the very air seemed sweeter and more alive.  I could smell the earth and it’s depth and the nutrients in the soil nurturing the plants - everything was more alive and energetic – including me.  I literally felt as though I had expanded so much my fingertips could reach out and touch the mountain tops, I FELT more expanded I felt I could touch the top of the sky.  I promise you I was NOT on any mind-altering drug, I didn’t need to be and yet I also felt grounded and safe.

Since those first few days I have practiced doing and receiving the treatment that I was attuned to a few times and each time I do so I am filled with a sense of awe, peace and humbleness – I just feel honoured that I am given the facility and space to do this.  I can honestly say I have truly felt in my heart and very being the energy of the Archangels – Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron – and I have also felt it is a very ancient old form of healing and that I have done this many times before in past lives.

I don’t know why I write this but I just feel I need to let people know about the beauty, simplicity and complete unconditional love of this treatment.  I feel truly honoured just to have been a part of this yet again in this lifetime and I truly grateful for it.  Thanks for listening. Lots of love, light and peace. Nina xxxx

Today, Magdalene is calling many of her disciples to come and embrace this soul therapy using her essence whereby she brings the soul to meet and work with the healing energies of her Beloved Jesus. Because of the influx of her energies now empowering many souls self heal, Brother Sean was guided by Magdalene to stop running the above courses in Essenic Energy Medicine to groups. As from 2008, Brother Sean was inspired to deliver all courses as a 1 to 1 using the Open Learning Modalities.

The rationale for this change was to a) protect each student and ensure that they are fully grounded and protected and b) that each student receives quality as opposed to quantity in course delivery.


Brother Sean 

28th August 2009



Core Values of our Courses


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