What Clients have to say about Brother Sean

Once in a life time a truly amazing helper comes along, like the healer Sean Bradley. Without his help I would still be stuck up the thicket of a tributary, some way off the River, and very far from Sea, a shipwrecked man holding onto a spar. I would still be living in Misery. But Life had other plans. There is no doubt over Brother Sean's healing powers, his encouragement, his prophetic and intuitive insight, the sheer sagacity of the man; his healing power, prayer, Franciscan serenity and those special healing oils he makes. He is truly a channel of impressive and significant quality. I strongly believe he is as good as it gets in a time when there are no real masters left here on the earth plane, save through our appeal to the Ascended Masters that have gone before and the angelic and Divine healing energies of which we are only servants.

His connection with the Master Jesus, Mother Mary, the Archangels and Saint Francis, has worked a miracle in keeping me well against the odds. I have long suffered from depression and mental illness, imbalance and self-absorption. Conventional medicines, remedies, talking therapies (CBT/CAT), Jungian psychotherapy and NLP, have not helped me near enough as Brother Sean's humble and definitive Essene approach, working with the Holy Spirit, and allowing Divine Guidance--along with time, since there is never a magic wand to recover--to heal where reason and often a fallible one size fits all NHS approach could not, but merely suppress or contain difficulties until they had straightened, but never resolved, quietened but functioning with all the trash dug deep.

All truly great healers and sages are incredibly humble people, and those with the greatest insight into the mysteries and realities of the world, have inevitable suffered the most. This equips them to change their world and in so doing improve our own, and it is from them that truly great things can be carried forth in those that they help and the ideas that they help to spread, as lives begin to change. I have benefited from his expertise in healing, his work with Jesus-Mirian [bio-energy healing] oils and his great compassion that radiates from his aura, his hands and his loving eyes. When it seemed life would not improve, when I was fast losing hope, when I was not really living but existing as a man abandoned, isolated and near the borderlands of out and out psychosis-Sean's healing and daily affirmations and prayer prescription has helped me to restore my Spirit and give me back my spark which had dimmed through many life traumas and negative experiences. Sean has given me the power to reclaim hope and trust that all will be well if I embrace Jesus and the Brotherhood of the elect...

He also actively proves through his inter-faith work with the Tau Community of St. Francis, and his visionary--though frankly sensible and realistic plans for simplicity and ecological sustainability at a community and local level [and the use of the fabled Essene Angel Bagua], that beautiful days full of creativity and promise are available to us all. He is truly a living embodiment of the True Religion, that is the Imagination, tempered with patience and love.

He has given me hope that there are good human beings out there. And while no one is perfect, there are those who devote their lives to serving others in need and selflessly asking nothing back. I'm sincerely grateful for his love, patience and compassion in the matter concerning Harry Matthews. What I have learned from Sean has helped me to rehabilitate and I see it as a turning point in my life. I sincerely do, as you so prophetically knew when we last met in person.

Brother Sean is an "Intuitive Soul Therapist, Spiritual Life Coach, Retreat Director and Teacher of Essenic Energy Medicine influenced by Jesus and Magdalene "  



For those of you who have never met Brother Sean, you will be surprised to see a man who says it as it is without all the 'buzz words' and you will recognize a man who is full of humour, simplicity and love of life, people, nature and animals as well as the Divine. C. Heartsong CA.

He says exactly what his heart thinks and feels and speaks in a way that captivates the hearts of all by his integrity and truthJo Devine, USA . 

This man comes only from the heart and his God given gifts as a soul therapist really challenged me to face years of living in deep despair. Brother Sean got to the core and what a relief leaving no stone unturned. Jose Rodriguez. Madeira

A man who does not believe in giving 'sticky plasters' to take away your pain. The session left me feeling a sense of self worth with a deep longing to fall in love with my God. Anne James. London


Brother Sean at Chapel Gap



Brother Sean was born in Glasgow on 21st December 1948, Sean was brought up in Dublin .  He felt that throughout his life he was being guided and that his life was mapped out.  At the age of 16 he entered a monastic community and became a qualified nursing monk.  Although he left the monastic community when he was 24, he continued nursing for a further 30 years until a major breakdown became his breakthrough in eventually re-training as a sacred garden designer, incorporating the Angel (Feng Shui) Healing Bagua, empowering Sean and his clients and students to self heal by adopting the core values of this sacred Divine Blueprint given to Sean by the Angelic Realms in 1998.                                                    

Today, Brother Sean perceives his breakdown as his personal breakthrough from ego, fear, low self esteem, low self worth as a child of God to one who has been totally set free of religious guilt associated with his upbringing as a Catholic Christian in Ireland. During that time of re-cooperation, and enforced ill health retirement from nursing, Sean was guided by his heart to train as a sacred garden designer and work more outside with nature and animals. following on from this, there was clear directions from Jesus to use his life skills and support people affected by illness as a therapeutic healer. Over a period of some six years, Sean was guided not to follow other people's beliefs or skills but develop his own brand of Spirituality to help him remain connected and in tune with the Divine through the simple teachings of Jesus, ‘The Barefoot Galilean.’ Brother Sean is committed to raising spiritual awareness of himself and others regardless of any religious persuasion. He perceives that his brand of spirituality as an additional sacred tool that is a practical approach to the Spiritual Gardening of the soul as demonstrated by Saint Francis of Assisi . The greatest influence that has direct Sean in his search for Divine Truth has come not from Religion but from engaging with an ancient energy known to Sean as 'Divfemasc Energy' (The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies of Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene). Through painstaking research over many years, Sean accepts that the early Christian Fathers behaved dishonourably when they removed all reference to the Divine Feminine (Mary Magdalene) by enforcing her to a life of exile with a new title of ‘fallen woman’ added to her name. During Sean’s training as a monk, he refused to accept that Mary Magdalene was anything but a wise and learned scholar whose very presence challenged even St. Peter and his inner circle of devotees to the point of extraditing her from Jerusalem . Sean accepts that the inherent squabbles that proceeded after the death of Jesus crated an imbalance of male/female energies that finally damaged the ‘word of God from God’ to all men and women leaving many confused and isolated from God. Thankfully, today, many courageous men and women like Sean have been forced to ‘shed the skins of their former religious family’ (Guilt, Fear, Negativism) by taking back their power thus having the freedom to embrace God in their own way. This is no bad thing especially when the soul who is searching for truth can actively engage with Source .      

Jesus and Magdalene were instrumental in guiding Sean through his faith journey both as a monk and as a nurse for 38 years to resurrect their healing gifts for all mankind. They have guided Sean to set up the ' Sean Bradley Academy ', safeguarding the integrity of their work, and continue to support those whom they send to Brother Sean for their spiritual training as one of 'The New Illuminaries.' 

The ancient therapy that is now handed down from Jesus and Magdalene through Brother Sean to his clients and therapists, was initially first practiced by the Therapeutia Essenes from Egypt over 8000 years ago and then through the Johnannine Community Essenes on Mount Carmel 2000 years later by Saint John and Magdalene. The therapy involves anointing the hands and feet with Spikenard oils empowering the soul experience the presence of Source. Clients who experience this remarkable therapy are lost for words as there are none to convey what they sense in their soul. Therapists trained to use this ancient healing energy say that it is unlike any other therapy. The only words that best describes the therapy is that it is a 'SOUL THERAPY,' from GOD to His/Her children to help them self heal.

In recent times, Brother Sean was made aware by Jesus, that his interest in the Essenes was not a mere coincidence but a 'God Incidence.' He was clearly shown in February 2007 that when he entered the monastic order in 1966, he was already been prepared spiritually for the work that he  now undertakes today. On the 8th December 1968 when Sean was ordained a Nursing Monk, he was reconnected with his sacred lineage to Mount Carmel as a Brother Essene of the Johannine Community through the 'laying on of hands.' There rule of life was Love (God is Love and he who abides in love, abides in God). The order that Sean entered way back in the 60's took the Rule of Life based on the teachings of Saint Augustine who represented God's Love. The way of life lived out by the members of that community of Essenes founded by Saint John and Magdalene adopted a simple rule of life, based on the simple teachings of the 'Love of Jesus.' Their spirituality was very much that of Jesus. Their thinking was Greek but in their worship they had an affiliation with Judaism as demonstrated through their rituals of water, communal prayer and the Disciplines of the Essenes.      

In modern times, Brother Sean has been greatly inspired by the teachings and examples of ordinary men and women who did exceptional things for God through Jesus for all mankind. They are: Saint Bernadette of Lourdes); Mother Mary; Saint John the Beloved Disciple; Gandhi; Saint Julian of Norwich; Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Brother Rogere;  Jeanne Vaniere (Larch Communities); Archbishop Tutu; Martin Luther King;  Nelson Mandela; Cardinal Hulme OSB and Thomas Merton to name but a few. His spirituality has been greatly enriched by his years of service both as a Nursing Monk and as a committed Christian for almost 49 years. Today, Brother Sean has taken only the very best of what God has taught him in prayer and that which resonates 100% with his heart. He has married everything that is good with the guidance from The Father Mother God, Holy Spirit and Mother Earth along with the vibrational healing energies of the Angelic (Feng Shui Healing Bagua), the 'Divine Blueprint that God gave to Sean to help him self heal from mental illness in 1998 to abandon all 'Religious Negativism (Fear and Control mindsets), Dogma and Puritanical Evangelism in preference for a more hand's on spiritual way of life based on the simple teachings of the Barefoot Galilean, Jesus. This has taken Sean best part of 50 years to get to the place where he now feels a sense of spiritual closeness with the Master Jesus. 

To be an effective channel or key facilitator in service with Jesus, Sean knows from previous experiences that his heart must always be open to Divine Truth. Clients should always expect the best from their therapists when they come for Divine Healing from Source! The 'wounded healer is by far the best healer says Brother Sean but they also require boundaries not to rescue or offer a second rate service either. Sean acknowledges that to remain in Harmony, Connected, Balanced, Totally Grounded and Protected from negative or spiritual attack, he has to remain true to his spiritual path by engaging in a daily routine that is disciplined where prayer, meditation, silence and solitude are the essential 'Sacred Tools' as his passport to effective two way communication with God through Jesus. Part of this journey also involves receiving regular support and mentoring from his spiritual director, an enclosed Poor Claire Collettine Nun. Thankfully, the inspirational writings of the above named Mystics empower Sean to do the 'ordinary things extraordinarily well.' 

Today, however, Brother Sean is aware that whilst he relinquished the title (Reverend) when he was absolved from his vows in 1974 by his order, God still holds Sean to the promise that he made way back on 8th December 1968 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) that "What God has joined together, let no man rent asunder." Here, Jesus reminded Brother Sean that though the Catholic Church released him of his Canonical vows in 1974, Jesus has invited Brother Sean over and over to return to that sacred promise of living the life of an 'Independent Ordained Monk' in the true spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi. In May 2008, after his visit to the tomb of Saint Francis, Brother Sean has resumed living the life of a Christian Monk in service to Jesus by taking Four vows: 1) A spirit of Material Detachment. 2) A commitment to living and leading a chaste life. 3) Obedience to God through the teachings of Saint John , Magdalene (the Mount Carmel Essenes) and St. Francis. He prefers not to focus on titles, but rather to reflect more on his heart's desire to continue in the footsteps of Sananda Jesus, the Barefoot Master Teacher who still lays claim to his heart as a Therapeutic Monk and whose roots are firmly established on Mount Carmel, Jerusalem, where Saint John and Magdalene established the Johannine Community of Essenes (Holistic Healers and Teachers) to safeguard the work of Jesus for all posterity. 

Brother Sean's unique healing ministry has been described by others as totally faith driven-thought provoking, inspirational-energetic and divinely guided. Clients welcomed Sean's practical yet simple methodology as another 'Spiritual Gateway' to walk through so as to reawaken the Divine already within their lives. To Sean, the God that motivates him to do what he does, is already known by many different names. The name that touches Sean's heart is that of Holy Father Mother God. The message that Sean shares with you is not ego centered but heart driven and more about empowering others to not shy away from daring to speak their truth openly to others whilst not engaging in negativism, nor allowing public opinion to deter one is the final search for Divine Truth. An 'ancient simple truth' that Sean has developed over many years really does empower clients to embrace their individual personal power (the Power-Energy-Essence of Sananda Jesus) through Prosperity Consciousness, as demonstrated by Jesus and the Johannine Essenes 2000 years ago. In truth, Sean accepts the teachings of Jesus, the teacher, the Son of God. That connection would make Brother Sean more of a 'Jesusean Monk' (a follower of Jesus, the Son of God) and a devotee to promoting closer links within the Interreligious faith communities.

Brother Sean believes that despite man believing that he has control over everything including the animal kingdom, we have to share our existence with all of God's creation and give glory only to God not our ego or selfish ambitions. Sean's life has been in service with Jesus in God praying for all to unite under the same banner as opposed to the many divisions that now exist! Please visit Angel Garden 4U-click here for more information

He believes passionately that whilst a grave injustice was done in the name of God when the Early Christian Fathers decided to abolish all reference to Mary Magdalene, the Divine Feminine, they engendered a fear based culture as well as causing an imbalance of the Feminine and Masculine energies in Divine Worship for centuries. Sean now accepts that we are responsible to God and that we have a duty to challenge this erroneous distortion of God's truth by man. The Christian Church has maintained a silence over this historical distortion of God' Truth since the early formation of Christianity, thus perpetuating the 'Male Ego, instead of incorporating both Divine Male and Female Energies of God through Jesus and Magdalene.  

Here are some of the great spiritual teachers of our day whose simplicity and love of God left a lasting impression upon Sean’s heart. They are

Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Sheila Cassidy, Flor McCarthy, Delia Smith, Jeanne Vanier, Ruth Sims, Flo A. Newhouse, Caroline Myss, Matthew Fox, Claire Heartsong, Margaret Starbird, Thomas Merton, Edmund Szkelly Bordeaux and Rev. John O Donahue. 

In July 2006, Sean and several of his beloved therapists from the Academy were guided by Saint Francis (Lord Kutumi) to establish the Tau (Tree of Life) Interfaith Healing Spiritual Community of Saint Francis. (An online faith community praying for peace, forgiveness and reconciliation). Today, that same community has become more of an online Prayer Partnership linking many wounded soldiers in God's reserves across the world to unite via the internet and personal contact by telephone. The members remain spiritual advocates through their daily prayers and personal struggles in service to Jesus  for God's love to be seen in everyone and none more so than in the many religions that profess to love and serve God. We are only too painfully made aware of the strife that religion has caused humanity over the centuries. The words from Mother Mary continue to sustain many of us to keep prayer alive and not to give in to distraction.  We are aware too that whilst 'Many have seen God  yet, in their hearts they are so divided and separated through religious dogma and ancient rituals that no longer unite God's family as one true loving spiritual brotherhood/sisterhood. As we are approaching end times, we all have a duty to do our bit for God. 

The members of the Tau Community of Saint Francis are ordinary men and women who come from all walks of life to live a simple life based on God's truth as shown in the life of St. Francis. They don't have to vacate life to enter a convent or monastery! They can live the life of a spiritual eco warrior for God as ambassadors of Peace and Reconciliation from the comforts of their own homes.  The brothers and sisters of the Tau Community remain firm in their resolve to continue to pray daily for lasting peace and the reconciliation of all faiths to come together as one spiritual loving family who respect and reverence the same God within each other. The members are what can best be described as the modern day monastics who live a simple life inspired by the simplicity of Saint Francis to remain in the world but not of it or inspired by it's values. You will recognize a member of the Tau Community by their wearing the Tau Symbol around their neck as a sign of their love for God. The Tau Symbol or cross was originally given to Saint Francis by Jesus at San Damiano in Assisi . The symbol is now worn by many members of different beliefs namely Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Wiccan alike. 

Please feel free to visit www.monasteryofsaintfrancis.com         

If we are to represent Source as Healers or teachers in service with Jesus, then we are invited to 'Do the 'Ordinary Things Extraordinarily Well' for God.  




Dedicated to Sean.

 The Barefoot Angel Man

Sean you are a man of faith,
Sean your life is blessed with grace.
A man so talented pure and free,
You showed us love and said "Just be".
Chapel Gap is an energy portal,
You taught us we are more than mortal.
We are spirit shining like the stars,
We can travel anywhere and we don't need cars.
You are surrounded by love, Rob, Winston and Miss Elle,
With all that love who needs the telly.
The house is filled with peace and love,
The garden is blessed by the angels above.
We came to you as limping wrecks,
You anointed our feet and hands and necks.
You gave us love and by and by,
The lessons you gave taught us all how to fly.
I look at myself and feel much richer,
Thanks Sean for giving me the bigger picture.
I am a child of God, filled with love and light,
In the mirror now I am a beautiful sight.
I rise in the morning and have quiet time,
I know this space is Gods and mine.
I feel at peace and go with the flow,
Onwards and upwards, that's where I'll go.
Thank you Sean for sharing your space,
Thank you Sean for love, light and grace.
At Chapel Gap an angel I did see,
He goes around barefoot and tells you "Just be".

Janet Quigley

Student TCCP Therapist October 2004







(Rev.) Brother Sean
Founder of the Brother Sean Bradley Academy of Essenic Energy Medicine for Practitioners. Pastoral Director- Intuitive Spiritual Soul Coach. Spiritual Director and Founder of the Tau (Interfaith Monastic Community of Saint Francis.

The Brothers and Sisters within the Tau Community Of Saint Francis has adopted the UN's 'Charter for Compassion.' towards all faiths.

"I say that religion isn't about believing things. It's ethical alchemy. It's about behaving in a way that changes you, that gives you intimations of holiness and sacredness." Karen Armstrong

Monastery of Saint Francis
Chapel Gap

Brother Sean is only available during office hours from: 10am-4.00pm

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