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Brother Sean welcomes you to join him on a spiritual journey embracing the Natural World, the Franciscan Soul. 

The journey is inspired by the ancient teachings of the Essenes, Sananda Jesus, The Divine Feminine, Mother Earth, Mother Mary and St. Francis.

Do You believe in synchronicity? If so, then believe that it is not by chance that you are on this website for nothing!

Possibly, your heart was guided here by the Divine Feminine, Magdalene whose love will reawaken your soul to re-enter your heart and embrace Balance-Harmony and Divine Connectedness. Her love will empower you 'self heal' and reclaim your Truth!

Magdalene is now perceived as the New Moses, who is leading God's divided children to the New Promised Land of Spiritual Abundance- a land devoid of crisis and fear! 

Since 2002, we have been guided by Jesus and Magdalene to train others using their combined healing energies empowering souls self heal. The Therapy is a soul therapy-experience!

From 2006, we are committed to God's Vision for a united and more cohesive interfaith spiritual community where mankind is empowered embrace the Natural World-the Franciscan Soul. Our spirituality is firmly rooted in the ancient teachings of the Essenes, Lord Sananda Jesus, Saint Francis of Assisi, and the ancient Prophets representing all major religions.

The vision today is to empower mankind 'Walk God's Talk' through simplicity, integrity, selflessness, compassion and peace where all are one and equal regardless of their belief.   


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'I like your Christ, but I don't like your Christians. They are not like your Christ.' Gandhi    












Brother Sean's unique, 'God given ministry,' is dedicated to preparing souls living in their 'shadows' to embrace their personal God through Practical Franciscan/Essenic Spirituality. His daily battle with depression has helped him turn a negative energy into a powerful prayer tool that has liberated his soul and supported many just like him to walk free. 

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The voice you can hear is of Brother Sean
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